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Alcohol - Liquor delivery in Israel

Orders of Alcohol can only be accepted by email:  giftisrael@gmail.com or 972-52-242-7548. 

Please refer to the price list below. 
Note:  If your favorite item is not offered on this list we can provide it, simply get a quote: giftisrael@gmail.com 

FYI.  Want to drink less alcohol? Ask your local government to raise taxes on liquor.

It works wonders for Israelis: Since Sep 2013 the increase in tax on alcoholic beverages
has raised the price of alcohol by up to 50%.
Nevertheless we are trying to keep the pricing as low as possible. See below
Wine  and Champagne can be ordered online    Wine  $39.49   & Champagne 49.49  

  CODE  name US $
1 153A5  Absolut Vodka5 55
2 2210E7  After Shock 106
3 360A6  Barkan Reserved Cab/Sou. 39.00
4 458A5  Barkan Reserved Merlot 39.00
5 582BB  Beefeater Gin 58
6 650A5  Casey's Irish Cream 45
7 7200EE  Chivas regal    120
8 8240FF  Courvoisier 145
9 9120CC  Dewars White Label 76
10 1063A7  Russian Vodka 54
11 82BB Gordon's Gin 60
12 295H0  Hennessy VS 175
13 440A20  Hennessy VSOP 276
14 105C5  J & B 80      
15 105B8  Johnnie Walker Red Label 700 ml 76
16 130C5  Johnnie Walker Red Label  1lt 90
17 660YS  Martini Aspi Sparkling 65
18 230F3  Moet & Chandon 139
19 280G6  Remy Martin 172
20 48D3  Smirnoff 750 ml 60
21 130C5  Yarden Blanc De Blanc80 75
22 115C1  Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon   65
23 95b6 Yarden Merlot 65
24 A1BKO  Slivovitz brandy 700 ml bottle89 99

Gourmet centerpiece with dried fruit and chocolates
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wine gift baskets with various gourmet cheese and snacks
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chocolate flowers, a centerpiece with kosher chocolates
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fun gift for children with several gadgest and kids snacks

Centerpieces Wine Gift Baskets Fruit Baskets Food Gift Baskets Spa Men Women  Chocolate Flowers Fun Gifts

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