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...Thank you for choosing the world's most beautiful gift baskets.... We pledge to provide outstanding care to your order....

Early this am upon awakening ( here in NY) I got an email of thanks from my dear friends in Israel with “ hugs”. Now I have just received another email that three generations of the family have consumed the brownies .
 I can’t tell you how happy this makes me .
 Delivering chocolates in the middle of a war.
 Thank you SO much !
 All best,
 Lynn Lawrence

I just wanted to say thank you so much for delivering my gift to my aunt Flo in Ramat Bet shemesh today. She sent me a photo and it looked wonderful!! She was so happy.
I will definitely use your service again in the future as most of my family live in Israel.
I hope you and your loved ones are safe and that the war ends very soon!  
PS If you would like me to write a review somewhere - I'd be happy to - just let me know where. 
I want to thank you very much for creating the beautiful gift basket for my client. She adored it and was overwhelmed with how beautiful and luxurious it was. 
I have ordered many gifts online and let me say that the end result is not always so beautiful. I sincerely appreciate your integrity and your company.
Is there somewhere on your website that I can leave positive feedback or a testimonial? I didn't see place to do that.
Thank you, again!



Margie Beiswanger

ICF Indianapolis Chapter President, 2015-2016

Business & Professional Development Coach
Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

Certified Money Breakthrough Method Coach


I just wanted to thank you 
For the beautiful basket that you put together it all looked terrific!! The quality of the fruit was wonderful with the whole presentation and your prompt delivery.
I appreciate your help with everything.
Please feel free to post my gratitude of your wonderful service.
Kind regards 
Ruth Schneider 

I received my fruit and nut basket yesterday and I am so very pleased with it.  Although I am not Jewish, my  heart is grafted to Israel and its roots  I felt very blessed to be eating figs that were grown in Israel.I saw your information about sending gifts to Israeli soldiers.  I would like to send whatever you deem appropriate--fruit, nuts, whatever to some soldiers.  Could you charge my credit card for $100.00 (the same on I used before) and just send some things wherever it would be appreciated.  Thank you.  Blessings, Carol Strother


Thank you, 
 The gift arrived and looked beautiful!  My daughter loved it!
Be well and Happy Passover!


Laurel Schiff

All of the parcels have arrived. Everyone is happy !
Thank you for the prompt service.
Chag sameach and stay safe.
Renee Kaufman



Hi it is Dr. Noni (Arnona) Davidai. Wanted to thank u for the beautiful arrangement u send to my friend Gila. She was very touched.

What is the name and number for your store? I want to give it to all my Israeli friends

5/15/19, 15:37 - GiftIsrael: Thank you very much for your nice comment

....it is very much  appreciated.

Please note that we are a virtual store and orders are through internet www.gift-israel.com


by phone 052 242 7548.

Again thank you

Thank u. I will for sure use u again and post u our. Warm regards, noni

5/15/19, 16:11 - GiftIsrael: Toda raba



Thank you for your excellent service.  Really appreciate it.

Kind regards

Jacqui Flynn

From: info [mailto:giftisrael@gmail.com

Sent: Thursday, January 5, 2017 8:13 PM

From my daughter:
"This is the most classy present I've received!  It's beautiful! !"
Thanks so much for making Lucy's  parents look good!
Shabbat shalom, Helene & GiftIsrael.  I'll be sure to recommend you!
Appreciatively,I wanted to thank you so much for your great service.  It can be nerve wracking to order something this sensitive half way around the world, but you helped answer all my questions, you were very responsive and worked with me to make it a smooth transaction. I received word that the two shiva baskets arrived to my family in Bat Yam on Monday and that they were beautiful.  I was also told that a call was made before delivery to find out what was the best time for delivery-- now that's great service! 
I will definitely keep you in mind for other family affairs... G-d willing they only be happy events. Thanks again,
Thank you for a beautiful creation! Levana is very happy. I will definitely try to give you referrals for my friends here to use your services. Hag Sameah and Shabbat Shalom!

Thank you,
Yelena Bunina

My relatives received the wonderful goodies and love them! Thank you so much for delivering them in time for Hanukkah!

You have terrific service.  We will continue to utilize your great company for our Israel gift needs, for sure.  Happy Hanukkah!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


She sent me a text and pictures. She was surprised and very happy. She and the other ladies were all blessed by your awesome baskets. Thank you so much. How much do I owe for the delivery?  Sorry it was so difficult, but it is greatly appreciated by my wife and friends. Mark

 I received my fruit and nut basket yesterday and I am so very pleased with it.  Although I am not Jewish, my  heart is grafted to Israel and its roots  I felt very blessed to be eating figs that were grown in Israel.I saw your information about sending gifts to Israeli soldiers.  I would like to send whatever you deem appropriate--fruit, nuts, whatever to some soldiers.  Could you charge my credit card for $100.00 (the same on I used before) and just send some things wherever it would be appreciated.  Thank you.  Blessings, Carol Strother


Thank you!!!! Check out this video it looks like it turned out amazing!!!??��??


superb thank you   delighted with service

I will when the time comes buy from you again saul.

.........She just contacted me to say she had it. You've help to make a young lady very happy on her birthday. Thanks so much Mrs Richards


Thank you very much. You are very kind.

Best regards,


Leslie L. Blau

Dear Helene:..........  She was so excited and truly loved it.  She may be 26, but she will always be my baby.  Again, a million thanks to you for all your help, above and beyond the scope of “just an order”. Take care, Iris


I wanted to take a moment to Wish everyone at your Company  Chag Pesach Sameach . And to thank you for the care you gave in fulfilling this order.  It was ordered last minute and I can not tell you how much I do appreciate that you were able to get it delivered before Pesach. I have also spoken to Gary and he was very Happy and pleased with the Basket and said it was the best one that he has seen there, ever.  I will be back as a customer , but for today, I wanted you to know that I appreciate you and the job that you are doing there. And to wish you much Blessings and Prosperity from Ha Shem , in your business. You made a family happy there and you made me happy here , that I was able to give something to someone that I love ,even though I am 10,000 miles away from them. And to bring to them a smile.  Thank you so much for such good service and heart. You will never know just what this basket meant to both Gary and I. Thank you. Shalom. Conita G Jones


My nephew just informed me he received your beautiful basket.  He was so happy with it.  Thank you again.  You  could teach other websites about honest and accurate service.  Can't wait to order his Passover basket!
Thank you so much.  Hope to use your services again.  Shana Tova Ruth Dickson

Dear Ms Zamir--thank you so much!!  Once again, I am impressed by your terrific service, and I wish you and your family a good and sweet year.I'm relieved that my order will be processed in time for Rosh Hashanah.  I am very glad I found your site on the internet--you have a great selection, and provide great service.  I'll be in touch again when it's time to send Purim baskets! Barry

Thank G-d!!  So sorry to have put you through such a difficult delivery!  I am glad that the gift was finally received.  If I have any gifts to be sent in the future, I will make sure that all my information is correct before I contact you. Thanks so much.

Your customer service is EXCELLENT! Judy Bouchard


Thank you for the detailed response and confirmations, much appreciate your service
Best regards,IgorI


want to thank you for being so efficient in the gift delivery and communication for my recent order. I was very impressed and appreciative. I plan to use you again and recommend you to others. Best,Scott Brown


Hello Helene – I’ve had thank you messages from the recipients, they are very pleased! 
Thank you for your help Best wishes Graham

Thank you for the great job. My sister loved the gift. best regards,nina


..I recently sent a gift basket of your chocolates to a friend who was recovering from surgery. SHE LOVED THE GIFT, she her family enjoyed the chocolates immensely. I have since passed on your web site address to friends who want to support Israel by purchasing goods from Ha aratz. They think these floral chocolate gift baskets are an amazing idea. May your business go from strength to strength. Regards Debbie Sinsofsky.


dear helene, hello.hope all is fine. i want to say shana tova to you.


i appreciate all the fantastique gifts that were created and delivered to benny in israel from me in the states. take great care, ali
Package arrived and was very well received! Thanks  Valerie Farber


Thank you so much for delivering the chocolate bouquet today. My aunt and uncle LOVED it! They said it looks gorgeous and the candies are yummy :-) I'll highly recommend you to others in Toronto. Toda raba ve shabat shalom. Nurit


Great, Thank you for your efforts and going the extra mile.


Thank you so much, I checked the package - it was delivered to Palm Beach Gardens at 10.30 am. I really appreciated for the great service. Zalina

Thanks, Helene - they got it and loved it. As always, much appreciated. Chag Sameach. Jeff

....My mother got the basket while speaking to me on the phone....she was sooooo happpy

Thanks so much. As promised. I'll definitely use your services again and will recommend you to my friends. Yael 

Thanks as always for your outstanding customer service. I'm sure Tal is going to love the gift Thank you Helene for your efforts and going the extra mile.Shabbat Shalom,Merle ....this is naomi from australia. i just wanted to thank you for taking care of the delivery to my sisters. they both received their chocolates and were thrilled. i have bookmarked your website for future reference! thanks again and kol tuv,naomi

Hello folks,
I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of this order for me.  I had wanted to send a gift to a client and friend there in Tel Aviv and came across your website.  I was nervous about doing this internationally (I am near Los Angeles), but I needn't have worried.  I got a phone call from my friend this morning thanking me for the chocolates.
Thank you very much for your help, and I will definitely use you again.
Best regards,
Scott Nilsen

Just a note to thank you for your help and wonderful service. My friend received her gift which your arranged for her birthday and was thrilled with it, so I am very grateful to you for your wonderful service and will be pleased to use your services in the future. Thank you once again
Yours gratefully
Lyda Higgins

...I spoke to Malka and she said the arrangement was beautiful.  Thanks for taking care of the gift. Kind Regards, Sarah

Thank you so much!  We have used your company in the past for this client and they have been very pleased!!!  Thank you for your excellent service and for making us look good, too.

Please advise on the above by e-mail asap.....thank you again!
Jim Shawl

The basket you sent arrived in time and was absolutely beautiful!  Thank you so much for such prompt delivery!Happy Hannukah to all of you! Yvonne LeBlanc

i want to say shana tova to you. i appreciate all the fantastique gifts that were created and delivered to benny in isreal from me in the states. Thank you for taking such good care of the order.  My son was very happy to have a gift arrive on his birthday.  Thank you for your excellent customer service. Thank you for the prompt response and for going out of your way to make the delivery. I appreciate it very much.Thank you again,Aviva Lefkovitz

Thank you so much.  Hope to use your services again.  Shana Tova Ruth Dickson
Dear Ms Zamir--thank you so much!!  Once again, I am impressed by your terrific service, and I wish you and your family a good and sweet year.Barry

Thanks,  - they got it and loved it. As always, much appreciated.Chag Sameach.

Dear Helene,I cannot thank you enough. My mother so loved the gift that she couldn't stop talking about it for half an hour... She has always been delighted with your gifts, but it would seem that this time you have surpassed yourself. Again, thank you so much for your wonderful personal touch and service. Of course, I will be in touch.Best regards,Sharon

...Thank you as always excellent service I recommend your website to everyone. Your products are amazing and your customer service as well. Hag sameach. Elisa

 ...we called Gershon to sing Happy Birthday and he had the gift and was thrilled.
Thanks so much for everything. His daughter had given me the wrong date so you saved the day! Ellen

....As always thanks for sending an excellent product 
...Thank you very much the gifts were well received. 
 ...My friends were thrilled with your delivery.  I will use your service again! Shana Tova

... I just received the thank you letter for the beautiful gift, which you prepared. They were so thrilled that not only did they describe every detail of the gift pack but they also took an electronic picture and plan to send it to me when they get their software working again. You did make “many ones” very happy, including me! :-) Best always, Aviva 

...Thank you. What customer service! Nissan

...Thank you so much...a great hit with the kids, you are the best!! Have a great day...

Dear Helene,     Thank you so much for everything,you are very wonderful.
I think that it is better to sent it now, he's not going to be there closer to
the holidays. Again thank you for everything and I hope that you and your
family have a wonderful, happy and healthy Hanukkah. Be well.  Shalom

...My cousin received her chocolates and was so excited you can’t believe...she was thrilled ...your candy also finalized a plan we have had now for 32 years...she will be coming here in April to see me after all these years...I am so happy about that and your bouquets just bring luck and happiness...thank you again...

...My father just called me and he was thrilled with the gift...he just loves it...thank you so much. ***Thank you so much! This gift was a big success my friend could not believe her eyes. She called yesterday and said how pretty it was, how special and the chocolate so tasty! I will tell my friends about you and keep you in my mind for future occasions. Kol ha Kavod!

Thank you so much for your response.  I actually just spoke with Dr. Kohn personally and we were able to determine that he actually did receive the basket.  He enjoyed it very much. 

...Just to let you know the package was received with great joy...thanks again,...will be in touch again soon...

...the Canadian orders arrived on Friday right before the holidays.. the one in Montreal was so touching because she is a long LOST RELATIVE I found 2 years ago and she was so excited and TOUCHED BY this gift. she said it was beautiful and she was going to use it a centerpiece on her table (as I did also)...the other one in Ottawa was also THRILLED and you just made everything so perfect as always...


Thank you so much!  We have used your company in the past for this client and they have been very pleased!!!  Thank you for your excellent service and for making us look good, too......thank you again!
Jim Shawl

Helene shalom:My parents called to tell me that you had delivered the basket, how beautiful it was and how nice you are!Thanks, as always, for your great customer service.Stay safe.Kind regards Jeff

Hi there. so far both the people I have sent baskets from your site have
been extremely happy with it. so thank you very much.

Thank you again for your wonderful follow through – she did receive the gift! Please tell me what other items you have for delivery in Israel as I have a son returning to Yeshiva Sha’lavim and would like to know what gifts I can send to him this year too! Alison 

...God bless you. Thank you very much for taking the trouble of not only replying to my plea but also contacting my daughter on the phone. She was thrilled and surprised. If there is any assistance needed in India, where I can be of any use, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thanking you once again, Bharat B. Modgil

....Thank you ! My daughters’ friend was delighted with the gift and will pass your website on to friends to use. Warm regards Michelle Blutman

….. Just wanted to let you know that the gift arrived at my mother’s and she already called to tell me how beautiful (and delicious) it was. It was a pleasure doing being with such an efficient and customer friendly company. Thank you! Diane Field

....Thank you for keeping me posted. You don't know how grateful I am to you. You have a customer for life, but i just don't know whether you want me as a customer since this has caused you so much inconvenience. As you said, it's a shame that it's so close and yet so far.

...I honestly appreciate everything you did for me. Your customer service is excellent. I wish we had more like you in the business world because it would make life easier for those who need the service. I don't know what else to say but Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Dear Helene! I just want to thank you for the nice arrangements.Shabat Shalom

Thank you so much, I checked the package - it was delivered to Palm Beach Gardens at 10.30 am. I really appreciated for the great service.Zalina

My friend loved the birthday present!!!
Todah Rabbah and I look forward to ordering from you again.
shabbat shalom

Just wanted to let you know how happy my 20 year-old son was with his order. "Here is his comment from an e-mail he sent to me and thank you for getting it to him so quickly! ... 

PLease ensure delivery ON Chanukah and not before ! My daughter was thrilled with her birthday gift and said it was beautifully wrapped so I plan to tell all my friends about you ! "They sent me all sorts of chocolates, it's overwhelming, every one that i've tried has been very great. They are from all sorts of countries and are all different types, chocolate bars and chocolate boxes, and wrapped chocolates, and truffles etc. I brought some to debate and people really enjoyed it." thank you - they arrived and my daughter was thrilled - she also saw one of the others and said they were beautiful ! I will definitely use your services again as well as tell all my friends about you ! 

I recently received a SweetBouquet  from your store as a gift.  It is absolutely beautiful.  I was wondering if you could give me some more information about the bouquet.  I live in the United States and I think the basket was assembled in Israel.  Are the chocolates from Israel, too?  Some of the chocolates say they are made in Italy.  Can you tell me more about this unique gift.  I'd like to be able to share the story of the gift basket with others.Thank you.Christina McDonald

Thank you ..... our granddaughter did receive the package and loved it. Thank you so much for your special effort to deliver the gifts to Mr. Zigel. We just placed an order for a shiva basket via your website. The order is for a shiva basket. We used your company last month to deliver 2 birthday baskets to my mother in Lod for her 90th birthday and were very satisfied. Please send us an e-mail to confirm receipt of the order. Thanks again.  Thank you, they loved the gift.  Louise

Thank you so much for all your kind help.I am sure I will be in touch with you for more orders.Regards, Eden

Thanks!  Your packages are beautiful, I’ve sent them before.  Hillorie Thank you so much. My daughter let me know she got it and loved it! It just arrived and Jeffrey is thrilled.  Thanks so very much - timing was perfect!!! Happy Hannukah! Yvonne LeBlanc Thank you.  I just want to mention that I am very happy with your customer service.  I’ve sent 5 gifts in the past two weeks and so far everyone has been very happy receiving your products. I forwarded the name of your site to my sister, Inessa Barnes, and also to a friend Shirley Stern.  I am sure they will enjoy your service as well.   Ann

Thank you SO much! I am truly grateful for all your efforts!
I am happy that you value customers and this is definitely something we were looking for so long. 
Shana tova u metuka! Irena

to orders Thank you so much for taking care of my order so quickly. How do I write my reviews for you on your website?
I have to say that so far I have been very happy with your service for the many times I have used it. Toda Raba, Shalom Yossi Schmidt
Thank you very much for taking care of it.  My sister says it is beautiful.Tamar

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