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Relaxing spa gift baskets, bath gift baskets from Israel. One-of-a-kind and can be customized to your taste.
Pamper your special someone with a spa gift basket from gift-Israel.com. Bath and beauty gift baskets, bath gels, candles...


MenSpa no2
MenSpa no2

A practical gift that includes:
Ocean aroma soaps (3) 
Bath sponge 
Face towel
Shaving cream/gel 
Mineral bath spa 
Presented in a handsome basket


MenSpa No13
MenSpa No13

This classic presentation of spa items in a gold carry-on bag combines
 spa items just for men:
- Shimmering sea Lux shower gel for men, - Gillette Moisturizing Hydrating foam
- Ocean aroma soaps (3) - Stimulating sponge - Bubble bath sponge.
A gift that is fresh, colorful and manly; it will be appreciated.


MenSpa No8
MenSpa No8

A spa set filled with essential relaxing and rejuvenating ingredients.
It contains:
- Gillette Moisturizing Hydrating foam, - Ocean aroma soaps (3) - Stimulating sponge
- Cyclone Power of Nature spray Speed stick - Hawaii Hair & Body Wash for Men
A great gift that will make any man feel pampered.


MenSpa No7
MenSpa No7

To make him feel extra great, this gift contains:.
- Nature spray Speed stick -
- Ocean aroma soaps (3)
- Bath sponge
- Sea salt

And for his sweet tooth 1/2 lb. of gourmet chocolates



The 3 Rx,  Renew. Recharge. Rejuvenate.
It's all in there :Swiss formula moisturizing exfoliating body wash,
smooth sponge, bath salts, handmade soap, skin reviving glove
and soothing candle in a lovely basket presentation.


SpaWomen No7
SpaWomen No7

A gift for the woman who deserves to be doted on. It is filled with exclusive spa items
such as:
- 100% Natural Minerals Dead Sea Mud. 
- Aromatic enriched body wash
- Soft shower cream 
- Body peeling gel
- Massage sponge
- Aromatic soaps 
- Scented candle for a complete relaxation experience.


SpaWomen No2
SpaWomen No2

For all she constantly accomplishes, she deserves this regal:
- Intensive soothing hand cream 
- Healing foot cream 
- Hydrating body wash 
- Bath salts
- Fresh scent soap
- Shower sponge
 This gift of "Serene Spa Moments" will surely be greatly appreciated..


Marine Joy
Marine Joy

Treat him to this pampering selection featuring body products massaging glove,  
sea fresh soap,bath salt, guest towel, bubble sponge, and gourmet chocolates.
The attractive tray is handsomely decorated with a SweetBouquet's cheerful chocolate flower.
ll this will make him feel good, no doubt...



Your loved one will welcome this tray of pampering items. It includes handmade
natural soap, bubble sponge, body oil, skin stimulating  glove, bath salt,
scented candle and Sweetbouquet's cheerful chocolate flower.
Ready to be enjoyed.


SpaWomen No5
SpaWomen No5

She will feel like a queen with this gift of spa luxuries such as:
- face tonic 
- aroma soaps (3
- reusable eye mask
- natural vitamins hand moisturizing cream
Provides soothing relaxation for the mind, body and soul!


MenSpa No5
MenSpa No5

This gift will lift any man's spirit...and keep him fresh and confident! 
It includes  - Hawaii Hair & Body Wash for Men - Gillette Moisturizing
- Hydrating foam - - Cyclone Power of Nature spray Speed stick
- skin stimulating sponge - Ocean aroma soaps (3).
The Royal Treatment!



Useful & caring this tray has it all.
For beauty it includes:
double-sided (sooth/stimulate) sponge, bubble sponge,
body lotion, herbal/fruit shampoo, mineral soap
and stylish face towel.
For soul it contains:
scented candles
chocolate “flower with gourmet chocolates, and bonbons in organza bag
A very special spa basket indeed..


MenSpa No1
MenSpa No1
To pamper someone you care about, with this luxurious spa gift basket featuring:
- Hawaii Hair & Body Wash for Men - Gillette Moisturizing, Hydrating foam
- Mollient Bath Oil -  Gillette Blue II comfort blades (5) - Face Towel
- Stimulating sponge - - Ocean aroma soaps (3) - 
A special treatment for a special someone.


Keren's secret
Keren's secret

A great spa gift basket that includes Dead Sea pure bath salt,
mineral mud emollient, massage oil, aroma soap and body lotion,
fluffy sponge and designer candle to relax body and soul.



Time to feel pampered with this fresh bodycare gift.
It includes:
Swiss formula moisturizing exfoliating body wash,
one bubble sponge and one double-sided (sooth/stimulate) sponge, 
guest towel, scented candle.
A lovely presentation enhanced with flora and pearls



For sublime pampering:

Moisturizing scented bath lotion,
Moisturizing body wash
Aromatherapy soap bar 
Dead sea mud
Dead sea salt 

And for a complete delight:
2 gourmet chocolate boxes
a bottle of selected wine
an assortment of relaxing tea bags
a tray of assorted nuts and dried fruit
for women (with specific women products)
or for men (with specific men products)
or for her/for him (with items for each)
Your choice at check-out



Gorgeous and of course it will be very appreciated.

- keepsake heart box:
- dead sea bath salt 
- skin moisturizer 
- jar of sweets and chocolates
and ornaments to make this a great gift. 


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